The Greatest Gift

The journey that brought them here to the little town of Bethlehem  had been treacherous to say the least. (Luke Chapter 2)  What a weight the young newlyweds had carried thus far.  As she gazed deeply into the eyes of her newborn son, Mary could hardly contain the joy that filled her heart.  Joseph built them a fire to keep warm, he found his own heart to be touched and filled with a warmth of love in a way he had never quite experienced.

They had been chosen to raise the hope of all humanity.  The promised Messiah had come and he would fulfill his Father’s prophecy.  I want you to look closely and see your own life as it begins and unfolds into many pivotal moments.  Moments that you never quite forget, like your child’s first breath, their first word and their first step.  Like any new parents their hearts were captivated.  They loved their son and wanted nothing but the best for him.  Not because of who he was, but because that is what any good parent would want for their child.  Just as God wants nothing but good for us. 

33 years he walked this earth and breathed our air.  He reached out with compassion, mercy, healing, and forgiveness.  Guiding them to the very heart of God.  For they had captivated him.

My Jesus continued his treacherous journey walking the last mile to what would be his last day on this earth.  The same people he had shown nothing, but compassion and mercy had none for him as they screamed “Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!”, until he had given all he had left. 

No greater love than this….  Jesus laid down his life for all of mankind.  (John 15:13) He chose death so that we may have LIFE!  This is the true meaning of Christmas.  A miracle was born.  God moved heaven and earth to give you his most precious gift (John 3:16).  So as you open your gifts around the tree this Christmas season, let us not forget the Greatest Gift Of All. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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Just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who changed my life. Born again believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since 1979. Wife and mother of 2 with one already resting in the arms of Jesus. Desires to share her life with other women and offer a comforting word of hope when needed. We dedicate this blog to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and give him all the glory and praise for every life touched.

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