Blessed Assurance

Wow! It appears Covid-19 has taken over our lives and we are all worse for wear lately, am I right? I hope you are all staying safe and isolating as much as possible, in hopes that we will continue to flatten this curve and get past this recent storm that has turned our lives upside down.

I know there seems to be no hope in sight, I have my moments as well with exhaustion trying to settle in. I encourage you to rest your minds and focus on counting those blessings that stress can make appear so far away from us.

I wanted to provide some challenging questions or situations for you in order to motivate those restless minds toward the blessings of our God.

  1. Is God in control? Why yes, He is! He is the creator of all things. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He is the same yesterday, today and forever! How wonderful to remember this because it’s Gods job to handle Covid-19 not mine and He is very capable of doing that.

“That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else”. Isaiah 45:6 KJV

2. Did God know about Covid-19? Yes, He did! God knew this was coming way before we did. Remember, He goes before us preparing the way. We just have to stay in tune with His will for our lives. How do we do that? We meditate on His word daily. We must equip ourselves in order to draw strength in our spirit so that we can persevere.

“And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8

3. Does God care? Once again, the answer is YES! God answered that a long, long time ago. When he sacrificed his only begotten Son on Calvary’s hill just for us.

He loves us so very much. However, I have lived long enough to know that being a child of God does not make us immune to problems.

Look at God’s chosen people in the bible they all had their share of struggles as well. Remember, God is faithful, and He asks that we remain faithful in our walk with Him. Focus on Him, not the storm. Pray for strength and God will provide.

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you”. I Peter 5:7

4. How do we pray? God instructs us to be vigilant in prayer and pour our hearts out to Him. He instructs us to dwell on the things that are good in our lives.

We need to pray for our pastors, neighbors, front line defenders, our government that they may have wisdom and do what is best for our overall wellbeing.

I tell you without a doubt, someone has prayed for you and we must dutifully pray for others. This keeps us connected with God and keeps our spirits uplifted.

We as God’s children need that connection, our spirit longs for it. I miss the fellowship of my church family so very much.

Thank goodness for internet in times like this. God has provided ways for us to stay connected and I thank Him for that.

“Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving”. Colossians 4:2

I am so blessed to have a wonderful work family. We meet every morning before we start our day and pray for each other, our families, our country, and for our patients after a short devotional.

That provides strength in our spirit that we desperately need, and I am so very thankful for that blessing in my life as well.

My daughter also works in healthcare and has recently become exposed. This is where Faith has to take precedence over my Fear.

As a mother, it’s hard not to worry for her wellbeing, but just the same I must remember my God is in control. I’m sure you have loved one’s that you are concerned about as well. I encourage you to leave a comment and I will gladly pray for you and your family.

Tenaciously cling to your faith and know that God is always faithful. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine! Heir of salvation purchased of God! Born of His spirit, washed in His blood.

What beautiful, comforting words for a child of God. Stay safe and remember, Our God is in control.

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Just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who changed my life. Born again believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since 1979. Wife and mother of 2 with one already resting in the arms of Jesus. Desires to share her life with other women and offer a comforting word of hope when needed. We dedicate this blog to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and give him all the glory and praise for every life touched.

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